A Day in the Life of Lifestyle Services

Welcome to our newest segment, “A Day in the Life Of…” wherein we give you the 411 on what our staff does behind the scenes to ensure that life at Peachtree Hills Place is nothing short of luxury!

Today, we’re taking a look at what the Lifestyle Services department handles. These are your Concierge, Doormen, Drivers, Valet, and of course, your Director!








Jayne Ann and Stephanie hit the ground running at 9am sharp, assisting Members with anything they might need! Their goal is to ensure that all Member needs are met. As we’re sure you know by now, they are friendly, caring, helpful and always thinking about the Members! Their daily task list typically looks like:

  • Addressing Members at the desk who may have questions, retrieving packages, and catching up!
  • Answering the phone (which is always ringing).
  • Answering emails from Members.
  • Scheduling Member drives and coordinating with the Drivers.
  • Coordinating deliveries with Doormen, Drivers and Valet.
  • Conveying important information to Members
  • Providing recommendations to Members and being the source of all information. If they don’t know the answer to a question — which is a rare occurrence — they will find it!
  • Assisting the Director of Lifestyle Services with activities/events planning and execution.










At this point, you definitely recognize (and appreciate) the smiling faces that greet you at the door — Donald, Jackson and Jack. These gentlemen are incredible team players. There isn’t a request they won’t meet! Here’s an inside look at the responsibilities of our fantastic Doormen:

  • Greet Members and Guests upon arrival.
  • Always be smiling and friendly as they’re the first faces people see when they enter our community!
  • Assist with luggage, groceries, packages, etc. as needed.
  • Lately, they have been our COVID screeners to help keep our community safe (the most important role there is at Peachtree Hills Place).
  • Everyone loves our Doormen including all our furry friends at PHP who always stop by for a treat or two!












Introducing Paul, Ozzie, Charlie and Lisa — our drivers! These friendly and outgoing people make sure to get you wherever you need to go! But they do so much more than that…

  • Transport Members to places such as hair and nail salons, grocery store, doctor’s appointments, restaurants, family homes, etc.
  • Operate the Associate Shuttle.
  • Run special errands for Members and staff. Paul has even driven to pick up art for the community! Talk about going above and beyond.
  • Lend a helping hand wherever they are needed, especially with COVID screening.


Our valet team works especially hard to ensure that Members and guests are well cared for! Here’s what’s part of their busy schedules:

  • Park and retrieve cars for Members and guests as needed.
  • Greet Members and guests with a smile and a wave!
  • Assist Members with groceries, packages, deliveries, etc.

Director of Lifestyle Services













To know her is to love her! Lauren Tash is our Director of Lifestyle Services, and she embodies this position in the very best way! Some of the highlights of her day include:

  • Manage and oversee Concierge, Doormen, Drivers and Valet teams.
  • Plan activities and events like concerts, croquet clinics, wine tastings, guest speakers, outings and tours, bingo, trivia, workshops and more!
  • Facilitate the Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Program and manage the Pro Shop.
  • Run and maintain the Ambassador Program.
  • Keep the Peachtree Hills Place Member website, newsletters, calendars and directory up to date.
  • Manage 2nd car parking.
  • Coordinate COVID screenings for Members, staff and guests.

This team is here for YOU! Be sure to say hello and thank you when you see them around. They’re so grateful to serve you!