An Update Letter to Our Community

Together, we are continuing to face an unprecedented time in our history. During this time, we want to reach out to all of our Members, Guests and Associates as we have all been impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 virus, either directly or indirectly. Our daily routines have changed for the distant future, and as we try to return to a new way of living and socializing please know that Peachtree Hills Place has you, and your wellbeing, at the forefront of our minds. It is our top priority to continue our focus on the health and safety of our Members, Guests and Associates in our community.

In response to the current pandemic, we previously developed a COVID-19 Task Force to further educate, counsel and guide our Leadership Team to provide well informed recommendations as it relates to the safety and wellness of our Members, while also managing the operational logistics in our growing community. The committee will continue to meet as necessary to manage current protocol and discuss new developments.

The committee is comprised of the following Members and Leadership:

– Dr. Ron Blum, Peachtree Hills Place Member
– Mr. Alex Crumbley, Peachtree Hills Place Member
– Dr. Jo Ann Dalton, Peachtree Hills Place Member
– Dr. Marianne Dehaan, Peachtree Hills Place Member
– Mr. Rusty French, Peachtree Hills Place Member
– Mr. E. Andy Isakson, Peachtree Hills Place Member
– Ms. Amanda Dumich, Executive Director, Peachtree Hills Place
– Ms. Terri Nabritt, MSN, APRN, NP-C Health & Wellness Director, Peachtree Hills Place
– Dr. Eleni Footman, Medical Director, Peachtree Hills Place

Our Leadership Team would like to announce that from the time of our first confirmed case we have not had any additional cases reported at Peachtree Hills Place. We find this a true testament to our commitment to protect our community in these uncertain times as we continue to operate logistically and move Members into their homes. We owe this to the cooperation of our Members and Guests, and the hard work and dedication of all Associates of Peachtree Hills Place.

We will continue to follow the guidelines outlined below, while also providing new recommendations for best practices as it relates to social distancing within Peachtree Hills Place. As the medical community continues to work diligently to provide a vaccine, we understand that for the distant future social distancing practices will be part of our daily movement throughout our community. For the health and safety of all Members we are strongly recommending Members continue these practices while outside of our community. Remember that wearing a mask is not only keeping you safe but also respecting the wishes of others around you. As always, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

The following are guidelines and recommendations within the community and also an update of our resumed services.

  • All Members, Guests and Associates are required to wear masks in public spaces at all times, and anywhere a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained
  • We will continue screenings and temperature checks of all individuals coming into our community and deny those entry with fevers and having questionable answers on our verbal screenings. All vendors and subcontractors entering at the loading dock must have additional personal protective equipment, such as gloves and sanitizing materials.
  • All deliveries, outside of perishables and essential items delivered by guests, are to be scheduled in advance through our Facilities Coordinator at 678.619.0478, and should be directed to our loading dock at 229 Peachtree Hills Avenue. Perishable and essentials can be delivered to the front entrance.
  • Culinary Services has resumed dining services for all meals and until further notice, is exclusively serving residing Members only, and a reservation must be made in advance, 404.694.2772. We plan to reassess in July to determine if limitations can be altered.
  • Culinary Associates are wearing masks and change gloves after each table touch to reduce the risk of possible exposure. Dining services will continue delivering meals to those Members who wish to continue sheltering in place. Best practices will continue as it relates to delivery; wearing gloves and masks and refraining from any exposure to the Members. Please use our hostess number to place all orders, 404.694.2772.
  • Member group activities through our Lifestyles Services Department will resume with new social distancing guidelines.
  • Transportation Services are available through reservation with the Concierge, and Valet Services have also resumed.
  • The Fitness Center has reopened each day from 5am – 10pm. Our Fitness Manager David Mahaffey will be onsite during the scheduled hours of 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday for guidance and assistance. David will also ensure the Fitness Center maintains clean and sanitized with the assistance of our Environmental Services Team. The pool is being serviced weekly to ensure chemical levels remain stable, and Fitness Center activities such as yoga, Tai chi and water aerobics will resume at limited capacities following safety guidelines.
  • Please practice social distancing, not only with each other, but also with your pets. For the safety of others, please do not touch or pet any other Member’s animals.
  • We will continue implementing a capacity of (2) in all elevators and continue to post signs at each level as a friendly reminder. Should the elevator open at a capacity of (2) please wait for the elevator to return.
  • Understanding the mail room can be tight quarters, we ask that you limit (1) Member at a time, in the mail room to retrieve mail. A sign will be posted as a gentle reminder on the entrance door.
  • While we have not restricted family members and guests, we urge Members to continue communicating via social media (using methods such as FaceTime) or meet outside the lodge, on our grounds, while practicing social distancing of 6 feet.
  • In our weekly Lifestyle Series “The Life Well Played Daily”, we are including a weekly COVID-19 best practice. Please check your email blast for ways to protect yourself and your neighbors.
  • As Information changes frequently, please continue to view the following sites for the most up-to-date resources:

Peachtree Hills Place continues to take precautionary measures and has taken proactive steps to care for Members should they exhibit signs or contract the virus. If a Member believes that they are at risk or are exhibiting any signs or symptoms please remain in your home and contact your health care provide along with our Nurse Practitioner, Terri Nabritt and/or our Medical Director, Dr. Eleni Footman.

Terri Nabritt, MSN, APRN, NP-C                                           Dr. Eleni Footman
Health & Wellness Program Director                                 Medical Director
770.510.6900                                                                                 470.547.0625

In closing, we appreciate you, and we appreciate your continued support in all that we do, to build this community, to better this community, and to operate at the best of our ability while keeping our Members safety and health as our top priority. We will provide updates as necessary. Please do not hesitate to give me a call to express concerns, ask questions, or provide any valuable information as it pertains to the Peachtree Hills Place community.

Respectfully Yours,

Amanda Dumich
Executive Director, Peachtree Hills Place