I Can’t Imagine a Nicer Place

A casual conversation between Shala Dodson and her daughter-in-law Melinda helped lead Shala to a decision she believes will be life-changing.

Shala and her husband Daniel, a retired marketing executive and community volunteer, have lived in the Atlanta suburbs for many years. Some time ago, Melinda heard about Peachtree Hills Place and suggested that Shala attend a meeting to learn more. “I fell in love with it,” she recalls. But several years would pass before the community got the green light. The Dodsons remained in their two-story home in Sandy Springs.

In the meantime, Shala looked at a couple of other senior residential options. Friends recommended an in-town high rise, but she thought it felt more like a hotel than a home. (What’s more, she’s claustrophobic!) Another popular community seemed surprisingly shabby and parking was inconvenient.

Shala was also dealing with an issue familiar to many couples. While she was in favor of moving away from their large home, Daniel, who has had health challenges in recent years, wasn’t ready for a change.

Time has a way of showing us the way forward. Recently, Shala and Daniel agreed that the time was right to say yes to Peachtree Hills Place. The couple is looking forward to a satisfying, gracious way of life. Their son and daughter-in-law are equally enthusiastic. It’s comforting for everyone to know that help will be available whenever it’s needed at The Terraces, the onsite health center. And the Dodsons eagerly anticipate turning over home maintenance and landscaping to the Peachtree Hills Place grounds crew.

“We’ve known of the Isaksons for years. I love what they’re doing at Peachtree Hills Place and I don’t think we could have found a nicer place to live,” Shala adds.