Construction Update: January 2019

Site –The hardscapes at the Peachtree Hills entrance and around the clubhouse and pool have begun and will be ongoing for the coming months. The permanent power transformers and power routing are beginning along with site-wide natural gas in the coming months. Excavation and site prep for Austin Walk 3 and 5 has begun.

Clubhouse/Lodge – Structural CFS has been completed and the roof structure is 75% complete for the Clubhouse. Interior light gauge framing is complete up to the second floor, and mechanical rough-in and windows have begun. Exterior sheathing is ongoing, and roofing has begun on the lodge.

Pool Building – Exterior framing and the overhang structure are complete and stonework has begun on the exterior. Storefront windows will begin next week, along with the excavation of the pool.

Austin Walk I – The roofing is complete to the point of drying in the building, and shingles are scheduled to start in the coming week. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough in have been completed up to the 2nd floor, and drywall is scheduled to begin on the first floor in the coming month. Mechanical rough-ins have progressed on to the fourth floor. Exterior sheathing has been completed, and windows have been installed on all floors. The stone finish is ongoing, and stucco is scheduled to begin in the coming month.

Austin Walk II – Structural metal trusses are complete, and roofing is scheduled to begin after the completion of plywood sheathing. Infill framing has been completed on the fourth floor and mechanical rough-in is nearing completion on the first floor. Exterior sheathing is complete along with windows up to the third floor.

Austin Walk IV – The first floor of precast concrete decking has been completed, and the structural CFS walls for the 2nd floor are scheduled to begin in the coming month. The parking deck level has been insulated, and mechanical rough-in is ongoing.