Construction Update: November 2018

Site – Final connections of the major site, sewer, water and storm have been completed, and the sidewalks along Virginia and Peachtree Hills have been started on Tract III. Fire, water, and domestic water have been completed on site in all locations, and the fire hydrants have been pressure tested. The hardscapes at the Peachtree Hills entrance and around the clubhouse and pool have begun and will be ongoing for the coming months.

Clubhouse/Lodge – The final hollow core structural concrete deck is being completed at the end of the month, and the Structural CFS will be completed in the coming months at the clubhouse. Following the completion structural CFS we will begin the installation of the structural metal trusses and roofing.

Pool Building – The glu-lam structure has been completed, and the structural steel at the windows has been installed. In the coming month, the exterior infill framing will be completed, and the exterior sheathing and overhang structure will be completed. Following this, we will begin storefront windows and the excavation of the pool.

Austin Walk I – The final floor of CFS structural framing has been completed, and the structural metal roof trusses have begun. In the coming month, we will put the sub-roofing on the metal trusses and complete the infill framing on the 4th floor. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough in are being completed on the 1st floor and will be ready for drywall upon completion of the roofing. 

Austin Walk II – The final floor structural concrete deck has been completed, and the topping slab has been poured. Structural CFS framing will be completed by the end of the month and follow this work structural metal roof trusses will begin. Infill framing has been completed on the third floor and is progressing on the fourth floor. Electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough-in is ongoing on the first floor.

Austin Walk IV – Structural steel has begun and will be completed in the coming month. In the coming month, we will complete structural CFS walls, and begin the first floor of the structural hollow core concrete decking.