Construction Update: October 2018

Site – The sidewalks have been closed on the Tract III side of Virginia Ave, and the final connection of sewer and water supply has begun. Fencing has begun at the dog park, and retaining pound, as well as the Tract II wall along Virginia Ave. In the coming months, the hardscapes at the Peachtree Hills entrance and around the clubhouse and pool will begin.  

Clubhouse/Lodge – Hollow core above the ballroom has been completed, along with the structural CFS walls. Additionally, the Topping slabs at the floor above the ballroom and kitchen/dining area have been completed. In the coming months, the topping slab above the 1stfloor offices will be completed, and the hollow core concrete will be placed at for the third floor.

Pool Building –The glu-lam structure has been completed, and the roof timber has been installed. Protective roofing has been installed, and fire sprinkler has been completed. Going forward in-fill walls will be completed, and storefront windows will be installed. Structural steel will be added at the exterior framing to support the wider windows in the pool area.

Austin Walk I – Infill framing has been completed on the third floor, and the topping slab has been poured and the structural CFS framing will be completed on this floor in the coming month. Next month we will complete roof trusses for this building. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC have begun on the third floor.  

Austin Walk II – Structural metal studs have been completed on the fourth floor of the building, and the fifth-floor structural hollow core decking has been installed. By the end of the month the fifth-floor structural walls will be completed, and ready for the structural hollow core to be set. Infill framing has been completed on the second floor and is progressing on the third floor. Electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough-in over the coming month.

Austin Walk IV – All slab on grades have been completed, and the 1st post tension structural slab pour has been completed. In the coming month, we will complete the post tension structural slab and begin structural CFS walls.