Construction Updates: January 2018


Site – Underground bio-detention ponds A and C are progressing; Pond A will be complete by the end of the month. The existing asphalt road has been removed to start the Building C pad, and block retaining walls have begun. Next month we will continue to install block and concrete retaining walls, installing site utilities, and start backfilling behind site and building retaining walls.

Clubhouse/Lodge – Deep foundations and concrete foundations/walls are ongoing. Next month we will begin back-filling at the concrete retaining walls. We are also continuing to install underground plumbing and electrical, with concrete slabs to follow.

Pool Building – Concrete foundations and walls are complete, backfilling is scheduled to start next month. The pool building slab will be poured after backfilling is complete, and the retaining wall between Clubhouse A and the pool building is complete.

Austin Walk I – Concrete foundations have begun, and underground plumbing is complete. Next month we will continue to install foundations, as well as start underground electrical and

Austin Walk II – The building pad is to grade, and ready for concrete. After completion of biodetention pond C. Next month we will begin concrete foundations, and underground plumbing.