Construction Updates: July 2018

Site – Curb work along Virginia and Peachtree Hills Ave. has been completed, along with the sidewalks. The corner at Peachtree Hills and Virginia will be completed in the coming month. The stonework on the dog park site wall, and along Virginia Ave. at the single-family houses have been completed excluding the cap stone. Site water and fire water have been completed between Austin Walk 2 and 4, this is the last major milestone to completing the site water. Grading is progressing at the Terraces building and has been completed at Austin Walk 4.

Clubhouse/Lodge – The slab on grade at the physical therapy, Pilates, Nurses Station, and parking has been completed. The first elevated deck at the Kitchen has begun. Slab on grade prep has been completed at the Ballroom and will be poured in the coming weeks. Underground electrical and plumbing are completed in all these areas. In the coming month all elevated Decks will be poured, and structural steel will be completed.

Pool Building – The glu-lam structure has been completed, and the roof timber has been installed. Protective roofing has been installed, and fire sprinkler has been completed. Going forward in-fill walls will be completed, and storefront windows will be installed. In the coming month, the exterior stonework will begin at the pool building.

Austin Walk I – The pre-cast concrete decking has been installed on the second floor, and infill framing has begun on the first floor. The topping slab has been poured on the second floor, and layout of the structural stud walls will begin in the coming week. Next month we will complete another level of precast decking and begin the structural walls for the third floor. Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC will also begin on the second floor.

Austin Walk II – The PT deck has been completed for the first floor of the building, and the structural walls have started to be installed. Blocking and framing have begun in the parking level. Next month we will begin setting the pre-cast concrete decking for the 2nd floor and pour the topping slab at this elevation.

Austin Walk IV – Rock removal has been completed, and footing excavation and pouring has begun. The foundation wall between Austin Walk 2 and 4 is complete, and the foundation walls will continue around the building. Underground plumbing and electrical are ongoing, and will continue into the following month.