Construction Updates: June 2018

Site – All initial paving has been completed south of Austin Walk II and in the loading dock. The storm connection has been completed at the retaining pond, and work will begin next month on the dog park. Site water and fire water are onsite and will be completed across the courtyard next month. Backfill will begin at the Terraces Building once the retaining pond is completed and signed off by the city.

Clubhouse/Lodge – All footings and structural walls have been completed at the offices, library, and dining hall. The slab on grade in both areas will be complete next month. Backfilling has been completed at the ballroom, and the final shallow footings will be completed this month ahead of the slab on grade pour. Underground electrical and plumbing are ongoing in all these areas. In the coming month, the first elevated deck at the kitchen will be formed and complete, and structural steel will begin at the ballroom.

Pool Building – The Glue Laminated Timber structure has begun and will be completed in the coming month, following the structure we will begin infill walls, and windows.

Austin Walk I – The post-tension deck has been completed, and the first structural stud walls have been installed. Structural steel has been set and the second-floor precast floor system will begin installing at the end of the month. Next month we will complete the new floor system, and begin the structural walls for the second floor.

Austin Walk II – The slab on grade has been completed, and the first-floor deck has been formed. The first of 4 pours has been completed, pours 3-4 will continue into next month. Next month we will complete the elevated PT deck, and begin installing the first-floor structural metalstuds.

Austin Walk IV – Excavation of Austin Walk IV has been completed, except for a small area of rock at the south east corner. Deep foundation work will begin by the end of the month, and footings/concrete retaining walls and columns will follow.