“Croquet players have a chance to exercise and compete” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Croquet at Peachtree Hills Place

Croquet at Peachtree Hills Place

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured Isakson Living’s on-staff neurologist Dr. Joash Lazarus in an interview regarding the health and wellness benefits of croquet for seniors in an Aging in Atlanta story this week and Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Club members were featured playing croquet in photography accompanying the article.

According to Dr. Lazarus, croquet is an excellent example of a type of exercise that can be incorporated into a whole lifestyle strategy due to its low impact on the joints and the fact that the sport targets several areas of mobility during the game. Additionally, croquet utilizes dual tasking, in which the movement itself – standing, walking, turning – is combined with cognitive tasks, such as keeping score, following the plays, and developing a strategy. Studies have shown significant neurological benefits when dual tasking is at play.

A commonly accepted fitness goal in the medical community for a healthy individual is 150 minutes a week of challenging exercise, Dr. Lazarus said, adding that croquet can help seniors meet that goal. Many Peachtree Hills Place members play as part of the community’s croquet club, and the community’s physical therapists often integrate the game into their patients’ regimens. The social aspect encourages members to participate more regularly.

Dr. Lazarus noted that there are psychological benefits to the social aspect of croquet, as well. “Patients get out, form groups, and tend to socialize. And the mental health aspect of it is hard to quantify, but it’s very positive.”

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