Croquet School 101

The recent installation of the croquet lawn has incited our excitement about the future at Peachtree Hills Place and inspired us to share one of our favorite memories that will largely impact future events in our community.

All the way back in January (doesn’t that feel so far away), our very own Lauren Tash attended golf croquet school in Palm Beach. She was instructed on gameplay, attire, scorekeeping, and more — all taught by industry pros.

The trip consisted of classroom learning (on the sides of the croquet lawns) where she was taught the fundamentals and basics of how to play croquet. Some of the main focuses were how to play, different grips, body movement and aim, types of shots, types of faults, and understanding why a shot is missed. The instructors would then demonstrate what they had taught, and Lauren and her classmates would practice what they learned. The class asked lots of great questions, and were able to learn from each other.

After periods of “classroom” and “field” learning, Lauren was able to play real games. The class paired up to play games of doubles. “Everyone was very friendly and encouraging to one another,” Lauren said.

The group consisted of eight people with varying ages and skill levels. The pro and his assistant were able to pay attention to each player and correct form, strategy, and more as needed. “I learned strategy is so important, because it changes based on the position of the balls and what color is next to play,” Lauren said.

Also, there was a special appearance made by Mr. Boger! He made the trip to play with Lauren and to introduce her to numerous people associated with croquet. Mr. Boger was able to explain strategy and gameplay even further to Lauren. They even spent time in the pro shop to get inspired for ours at Peachtree Hills Place! They picked out several demo mallets including a Transforma, PFC Competition and PFC Standard to have available at our pro shop, as well. Overall, it was a great trip with lots of croquet fun!

The skills and knowledge that Lauren obtained at croquet school will definitely be brought to Peachtree Hills Place. From making our pro shop state-of-the-art, to planning croquet-inspired events, Lauren cannot wait to meet you all on the courts! In the meantime, we hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. Here’s to looking toward the future!