Dr. Eleni Footman: “Importance of Socialization”

We had a truly special speaker last Wednesday, the “Chief of Medicine” here at Peachtree Hills Place and The Terraces at Peachtree Hills Place, Eleni Footman, MD.

Those of us who have taken advantage of her services know her to be not only a fine physician, but – that rarity among doctors – a warm human being with a genuine interest in her patients.

Dr. Footman discussed something very relevant- the importance of socialization in the well-being of those of “mature” age.  Studies show that once a person gets to a certain age, the degree of that person’s socialization is the most significant determining factor in health and longevity – even more than factors such as diet, exercise, or smoking.

For those who may like to see the video of Dr. Footman’s presentation given today at Peachtree Hills Place Men’s Coffee Hour, please select the following link: https://youtu.be/EQhqbfgU-VY