February 2021: A Focus on Health, Wellness & Love

This month, we are celebrating all sorts of exciting things! Heart health, overall wellbeing and of course, love. Learn more about all the exciting initiatives, events and challenges we have in store for our Members this month.

American Heart Month

February 2021 marks the 57th American Heart Month. To commemorate this month, we have been paying close attention to matters of the heart. One of the benefits of having on-site healthcare is the ability to host these kinds of events!

Last week, our Wellness Team hosted a Blood Pressure Clinic. Members brought their own blood pressure equipment to compare results, test their blood pressure with Peachtree Hills Place machines and ask any questions regarding blood pressure and heart health. It was a heartwarming success!

This month, our Members are also competing in a Health & Fitness Challenge focused on maintaining or achieving a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight contributes to a happy, healthy heart. The Member who loses the most weight wins their own Peachtree Hills Place branded goodies!

Season of Love

We’re really covering all matters of the heart — both health-wise and in terms of love! This Valentine’s Day season, we’re thrilled to spread love to all our Members with these exciting events.

Mask Decorating: Members brought their own masks to decorate with all things Valentine’s Day! They were able to get creative and spread love in a unique way! This event was a huge hit.

“Not” So Newlywed Game: We had the most entertaining evening! Three of your favorite couples competed to determine if they really knew as much about their significant other as they thought they did! There were funny moments, sweet moments and fun had by all. Norris and Shirley Broyles were our big winners of the evening!

Chocolate Writing & Decorating: Members sharpened their decorating skills at this event by learning to decorate with chocolate! Our Culinary Director, who was actually a former pastry chef, happily hosted this event for Members. We can’t wait to see all the chocolate creations they make in the future!

Chocolate & Dessert Wine Tasting: Members got to take their taste buds on a journey and learn all about various chocolates and dessert wine. After all, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate and wine!

Supporting our Members and providing them with exciting events like these is what brings us the most joy. We hope you feel the love this month!