From Milkweeds to Monarchs

There is something to be said for a community inspired to give back. The employees and Members at Peachtree Hills Place continue to establish their community with generosity and a genuine desire to improve the lives of those around them. We at Peachtree Hills Place are excited about the things that are happening in our neighborhood.

Members and employees alike have agreed to participate in a new community initiative—Milkweeds to Monarchs. Milkweeds to Monarchs is an interactive, collaborative, sustainable project for people of all ages and abilities. Milkweeds to Monarchs’ ultimate goal is to bring people together through nature and restore vital natural beauty to our neighborhoods, one of which is Peachtree Hills Place.

While the name may convince you otherwise, the milkweed plant produces beautiful, brightly colored flowers. This plant attracts monarch butterflies, as it is required for them to breed. This cross-pollination helps keep the plant alive, and thus, inspires butterflies down the line to revisit this spot for breeding. For generations to come, people will be able to enjoy these plants and the butterflies that accompany them.

Monarch Collaboration has brought together a team of organizations to participate in this initiative. Along with Chattahoochee Nature Center, Cowart Family YMCA, DeKalb County Recreation Parks and Woodland Elementary School, Peachtree Hills Place will be participating in the planting and nurturing of two types of milkweed. On Monday, March 4, this project began at Woodland Elementary School. All corresponding groups gathered to learn more about the nature of the milkweed plant and how to best care for it and received their soil and seedlings. This event was special for us, as we were able to learn about ways we can improve the community surrounding our Members’ homes.

The kickoff of Milkweeds to Monarchs will spark a six-week process of growing the milkweed plants in locations all across Atlanta. Our milkweed plants will be grown in the greenhouses at Park Springs, an Isakson Living property. After the six-week period of nurturing, our Members and other members of the community will come together to transfer the milkweed alongside Peachtree Creek. Please join us for this exciting event.

We are excited about the opportunity to continue to positively impact the community surrounding Peachtree Hills Place. This is the perfect opportunity for all people to come together and spend time doing something good, no matter your age or lifestyle. We sincerely look forward to bringing our community together and watching our beautiful milkweeds blossom.