Happy Independence Month!

Independence from all that clutter that is…

I know quite a number of you are traveling to your second homes this month and next so we are going to have two sessions on second home downsizing.

Take a look at your surroundings, do you love everything that you have in the mountains, at the beach, in Canada? Are there some things that you love better in your primary home, that are not going to Peachtree Hills Place with you, that you would rather have here? Take an inventory of these things next time you’re at home, including measurements. See if they will work for and fit in your second home.

Go ahead and start the swapping out, call your local Auction House, thrift store, family members, to see how you could disperse of these items. Leave a blank place and then replace with the second place items you love! I have a great resource if you do need help shipping any boxes, furniture, etc to or from your homes.

Call PakMail and ask for Jon or Tina