Introducing the Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Pro Shop!

We know you’re all excited and gearing up for croquet at Peachtree Hills Place. You’ve learned about the basics of the game, the equipment you’ll need, and the clubs you can join. You’re almost ready to play! There are only a few things missing — namely an all-white uniform, the proper equipment, and a pocket guide book. Lucky for you, we have the one-stop-shop where you can find all of these things! Our pro shop will be the place to go for all your croquet needs. 

First and perhaps most exciting, there will be a wide variety of apparel for you to purchase — all sporting the Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Club logo! All white uniforms with our logo will be available, as croquet players generally wear all-white on the court to adhere to proper etiquette. Members can try on a pair of whites before purchasing through the concierge. The apparel available will include shirts, pants, shorts, skorts, jackets, hats, visors, belts, swag items and so much more! 

Aside from the attire available at the pro shop, there will be equipment on display, and Members will be able to borrow this displayed equipment to play at their leisure. The equipment on display will have to be specially ordered, so make sure you let the pro shop know early when you will need additional equipment.

Also available to Members before they head out to play will be pocket reference guides. If your team needs a rule refresher or you’re a beginner, these pocket guides will be incredibly helpful in improving your gameplay. Grab one when you come into the pro shop to pick up your equipment!

The pro shop will be conveniently located near the croquet courts for your ease (and enjoyment). It will serve as a gathering space for Members and players before and after gameplay. This is another great opportunity to meet your neighbors and socialize with friends, not to mention taking in the incredible view, as the pro shop will overlook the croquet lawns and courtyard.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this to our Members as a gathering spot and location for all things croquet. As we get closer to move-ins, more exciting announcements like this will be coming your way, so be sure to continue to tune into our blog series and social media for updates. See you all on the courts very soon!