Meet the Members: Dick Boger

Dick Boger is eager to make the move to Peachtree Hills Place. He looks forward to fine dining and social activities but what he is most excited for is to be able to play croquet in the comfort of his backyard. Dick is a highly ranked player at the Highlands Country Club where many of his friends have also purchased at Peachtree Hills Place.

A retired insurance executive, Dick made his decision to move after attending a presentation at Peachtree Hills Place last year. It was at this presentation where Dick said the pieces started coming together. “The dealmaker for me was two-fold – one is the fact that there is healthcare on the premises. The second is that there is croquet. At Peachtree Hills Place I’ll be able to play conveniently 12 months a year.”

Another deciding factor for Dick was his son. Shortly after Dick’s wife Harriet passed and he found himself living alone, he realized he didn’t want to be a burden on his son who lives in New York. Dick and his son look forward to his low-rise, upscale living right in the heart of Buckhead.