Meet the Members: Vicki and Rusty French

High school sweethearts Vicki and Rusty French have spent most of their 50-year marriage together in Peachtree Hills. They love for the quaint tree-lined streets, walkability and proximity to the heart of the city.

Vicki knows firsthand the importance of social life and access to healthcare having transitioned her mother to a community in Memphis. Peachtree Hills Place has all these things right in their backyard.


They look forward to an easier and more convenient life within Peachtree Hills Place. The layout of their future townhouse mirrors that of their current home, except now everything is conveniently on one floor, and walking distance to the world-class fitness center. They are thrilled to begin hosting dinner parties in their traditional dining room, a must-have for the couple!

“We’re really looking forward to our life in Peachtree Hills Place,” said Rusty. “The amenities, the quality – they seem to have really thought through the issues to create a lovely community.”