Selena Says: Monthly Move Tip

Selena Says:

November Move Tip

With the holiday’s quickly approaching, here is a November move tip from your move manager, Selena Bridges!

If your family is coming into town this Thanksgiving, take this opportunity to discuss your move to Peachtree Hills Place. Begin deciding what you would like to take with you and what you would like them to have.  At this point, you probably have not decided exactly what will go with you, but I’m sure there are quite a few things you know aren’t!  Go ahead and tag these items before the family arrives. At some point in the visit, set some time aside for this discussion.  Quite often, emotions can get in the way of this process, so it’s important to choose this time wisely.


  1. Draw selection numbers from a hat. Let the oldest draw first or vice versa to get their rotation number.
  2. Seniority! Oldest gets first pick and then so on.
  3. Let your favorite get first pick!

Once these decisions are made, create a ledger of who wants what.  If items can be taken now, let them go. If not tell your loved ones to bring a trailer when they come back for Christmas!  And remember, always have moving boxes and paper on hand when the opportunity to downsize strikes!