Selena Says October Blog Post

Selena Says…Don’t Be Afraid

to go into that basement and clean it out! On your way, grab some gloves, boxes, bags, your broom, and get ready to scare away the mess! As always, 3 piles: KEEP GIVEAWAY TRASH Then call Kevin Copeland (Just Trash It) to make it …

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Because Location is Everything

Paris has its Champs Elysées. New York has Times Square. And Atlanta has Buckhead - maybe not quite as famous, but definitely as beloved. In the late 1800s Buckhead was a rural vacation spot for wealthy Atlantans. In later years Buckhead became synonymous …

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Peachtree Hills Place Construction Update September 2018

Construction Update: September 2018

Site –The sidewalk along Virginia Ave. and the petanque course has been opened to the public. Site work is ongoing at Tract III, retaining ponds have been installed and soil removal will begin in the coming weeks. Additionally, water and storm tie-ins will …

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Prendre le mois de congé

Yes, you read it correctly….TAKE THE MONTH OFF! The French do, the Spanish do, the German why not you. You have worked very hard this year (if you have been following my advice!) So take this month to relax, unwind and get ready for …

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PHP August 2018 Construction Update

Construction Update: August 2018

 Site – The sidewalk along Peachtree Hills Ave has been completed and re-opened to the public, by the end of the month the sidewalk along Virginia Ave. and the petanque course will be opened. Site work has begun at Tract III, tree removal …

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Happy Independence Month!

Independence from all that clutter that is… I know quite a number of you are traveling to your second homes this month and next so we are going to have two sessions on second home downsizing. Take a look at your surroundings, do you …

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Construction Updates: July 2018

Site – Curb work along Virginia and Peachtree Hills Ave. has been completed, along with the sidewalks. The corner at Peachtree Hills and Virginia will be completed in the coming month. The stonework on the dog park site wall, and along Virginia Ave. …

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