Now Introducing…Angel Van Wye

Angel grew up in Illinois as the youngest of four children and the daughter of a minister. She largely credits her upbringing for shaping who she is and how she relates to people. She loves music, especially singing, and is involved in a wonderful church choir. In fact, Angel has sung in a Gospel group for the past 30 years. She enjoys the beach, the mountains, Mexican food, and spending time with family and friends. She has lived in Georgia for the past 33 years and calls it home.

Angel’s background in operations began with a progressively advancing 20-year career with Snap-on Tools. In 2008, the company restructured. Rather than move north with the company, she took a package and started looking for something more meaningful to do with her time. That’s when it happened. She was helping her parents downsize and move and discovered what a daunting task it was! She found that there weren’t many companies that worked directly with seniors to help them downsize, liquidate and move. The more she thought about the experience, the more she wanted to do something to change it. Thus, her own moving company was born.

Her new company dealt exclusively with downsizing and moving seniors. One of her first clients was in the process of moving to Park Springs and hired Angel to facilitate his move. According to Angel, it was one of the most rewarding experiences she had ever had. Through that opportunity, she became more and more involved in senior moving and ultimately helped more than 450 seniors downsize and successfully relocate. In December 2015, she was offered a job with Park Springs as the New Member Coordinator. She loved her job — especially getting to know the Members.

Angel, always seeking to grow, accepted a leadership role as the Director of Move Services for Peachtree Hills Place on April 1 and is excited about the adventure ahead. She cannot wait to help you settle comfortably into your new home.

Please join us in welcoming Angel aboard!

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