Now Introducing…Donna Moore, VP of Operations

Donna Moore, VP of Operations Peachtree Hills PlaceOne of our biggest initiatives this year is staffing our community. We will take a moment each month to announce new hires as they are made for roles in areas such as culinary, lifestyle, fitness and wellness, as well as general hospitality and service.

We are excited to introduce you to the woman who is going to make it all happen — Donna Moore, VP of Operations.  

Donna’s role as VP of Operations is to set up our overall operations and hire key staff. But that’s what she does; let us tell you who she is. She is a military brat who grew up in Germany and Japan, attended college at Emory University, and eventually went on to gain her master’s degree at Mercer University. She is also a mom of two teenage girls who are going off to college this year, a soon-to-be empty nester, an adult daughter caring for her mother, a wife, and a leader who is extremely passionate about taking care of employees and helping people grow.

Simply put, Donna likes taking care of the people who take care of people. With 30+ years of experience in the workforce, she loves problem-solving in operations. Donna is always looking for ways to make things better and improve processes. Don’t be surprised if you see her speaking to a large crowd or talking to employees about big ideas and how each person fits into the picture!

Prior to working for Isakson Living, Donna spent 25 years in corporate America, including stints at BellSouth, AGL Resources, and owning her own company. She even took on public service – serving  as the State Registrar and Director of the State Office of Vital Records for Georgia. In this role, she oversaw operations of the agency’s state office and 159 county operations leading, all aspects of the state’s vital records program. She accomplished what she set out to do in transforming the state’s vital records agency by hiring and managing a 70-person team to get it done. We are thrilled to now have her at now at Peachtree Hills Place.

There are dozens of key roles to fill, and Donna has a recruitment plan underway including onboarding and training in advance of opening.

“The sheet music for opening Peachtree Hills Place has been written and now it’s time to play the tunes and make it happen. I am excited for this new opportunity and all the wonderful people who will be coming aboard to work at Peachtree Hills Place. After all, great planning and great people warrant great success.” – Donna Moore, VP of Operations

Read more about Donna’s work experience here and say hello the next time you see her at Peachtree Hills Place.

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