Now Introducing…Lauren Tash, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Tash, Sales & Marketing Coordinator Peachtree Hills PlaceWe are excited to announce the newest addition to the Peachtree Hills Place family and our most recent hire!

You’ve probably already seen her sitting behind the desk of the Sales Office. This will be the woman behind all things Sales and Marketing, including supporting Member events, sales and day-to-day coordination within the office of Peachtree Hills Place. Her name is Lauren Tash, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the team.

Lauren’s role as Sales & Marketing Coordinator spans far and wide. She will be in charge of coordinating our monthly Member events and everything that goes into ensuring that you, the Members, have the best time possible socializing with neighbors and other Peachtree Hills Place staff.

Lauren began her career studying nursing at Bradley University, before moving back to Georgia, the state she calls home, to work in the NICU at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Her career in the healthcare field and passion for helping others is inspired by losing her father to cancer while she was in high school. Lauren cherishes her nursing experience and the relationships she built with families during extended stays. She is looking forward to working with the next generation as she delves into the other side of care at Peachtree Hills Place.

“When I decided to make this transition, I wanted to make sure I was still providing care and support, and continuing to build relationships with people. Peachtree Hills Place is the perfect fit.” – Lauren Tash, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Lauren is thrilled to work with an amazing team assisting with the ins and outs of sales and marketing, and helping Members of Peachtree Hills Place with this next chapter in their lives. She loves people and believes there is something to be learned from each person’s story. So please, join us in welcoming Lauren to the team and say “Hello!” the next time you see her in the Sales Office!

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  1. Lauren, you are such an amazing additon to our PHP Team! Thank you for all you do to make every day special down to the last detail! You ROCK! 🙂

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