Now Introducing…Lauren Tash

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our recently named Director of Lifestyle Services, Lauren Tash. You all know Lauren from her role as the Member liaison in the Sales Center. Lauren’s role as the Sales & Marketing Coordinator equipped her with the skills and tools necessary to the meet the needs of our Members on a daily basis. In her role as the Director of Lifestyle Services, Lauren will be responsible for services including Valet, Concierge, Activities, Classes, Croquet, and Reservations. She is passionate about people and is looking forward to continuing to build relationships with all of you.
Lauren attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She then worked as an NICU nurse for 2.5 years. Her nickname on the Operations Leadership Team is “Captain Marvel,” because she has the ability to create energy in others. Her superpowers are anticipating critical issues before they emerge as problems, as well as superhuman strength and durability as evidenced by her intense and long work hours. She likes country music and wants to learn how to 2-step! Lauren’s favorite food is salmon, and she loves to cook. She’s incredibly creative, and her favorite memory from childhood is waterskiing with her family on Lake Glenville in North Carolina during their summer vacations. She is known around Peachtree Hills Place for her humor and smile.
Please join me in welcoming Lauren to our Operations Leadership Team. We’re thrilled to have her!

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