Now Introducing…Tony Lewandowski, Facilities Manager

Greetings, Members. My name is Donna Moore, and I will be sharing information with you each month in a new blog series called “Now Introducing…”  As VP of Operations, staffing Peachtree Hills Place is of utmost priority in my role. Each month, I will post a new blog within this series to introduce you to the professionals who are joining our Peachtree Hills Place Leadership Team. We hope you will take a moment to learn more about these wonderful individuals before you move in, so you recognize the people around your new home.

Tony Lewandowski, Facilities Manager Peachtree Hills Place

Today I would like to introduce you to Tony Lewandowski, aka “Lewie,” who joined Peachtree Hills Place at the end of January 2019 as our Facilities Manager. I’d like to share a little bit about Tony’s background but, more importantly, who he is as a person and a professional.

He grew up in Wisconsin with two older brothers and has fond memories of spending summers on the lake boating, skiing, and kneeboarding. When it was time to go off to college, he attended Indiana University and Ottawa University. When I was checking Tony’s references, I learned that his co-workers and his residents at his previous job (Brookdale Senior Living) found him to be an honest, kind, caring person.

In his interview with me, Tony shared that he really enjoyed his time at Brookdale and said his greatest gifts were the life lessons that the residents shared with him. In Tony’s words:

“I got a lot more from them than they will ever know.”  

Tony is also an entrepreneur. He owns a few rental properties (for college tuitions!) and enjoys remodeling homes. He currently lives in Woodstock with his wife who works from home as an accountant, a six-year-old daughter, and a three-year-old son.  

Tony believes the keys to his success at Peachtree Hills Place will be learning the facility from the inside out and having a can-do attitude and we are happy to have him onboard early. He is used to a heavy workload, a fast-paced environment, and he likes to keep busy. It’s certainly safe to say he has come to the right place!

If you see “Lewie” on campus — he’s about 6’4” and always wears a big smile – stick out your hand and introduce yourself.

Until next time, Donna.

Donna Moore, VP of Operations Peachtree Hills Place

Donna Moore, VP of Operations Peachtree Hills Place








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