One Step Closer

There are countless exciting happenings at Peachtree Hills Place as we ramp up for move-ins this fall. From Member cocktail parties and informational luncheons, to construction updates and new hires, every week our community is becoming more and more refined. We are excited to see how we will continue to grow in the coming months.

We have only 47 homes remaining in the entire project! Thank you for continuing to share Peachtree Hills Place with your friends and family. Please continue to do so in the coming months as we attempt to bridge the gap between nearly sold out, and entirely sold out. Likewise, if you have a friend you’d like to be neighbors with, let Karen ( or Charlotte  ( know, and they will do their best to get them here!

Perhaps you have a friend who is on the fence about moving to Peachtree Hills Place. There are multiple ways to help ease their mind, one of which is to invite them to a Member cocktail party. We are hosting one on May 21 and another on June 20. These would be wonderful opportunities for people interested in Peachtree Hills Place to get to know Members over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Another way to incite interest in Peachtree Hills Place is the informational luncheons we are holding for prospective Members. Attendees will hear from the Peachtree Hills Place team as well as Members who have decided to make Peachtree Hills Place home. These luncheons will take place on May 29 and June 25.

Having your friends and family involved and interested in our community is what we are dedicated to. After all, how wonderful would it be to live next door to some of your best friends? Keep sharing, keep asking, keep encouraging. Use us as a resource as well. We are here to help you!

While the Member cocktail parties and prospective Member luncheons are fun ways to connect, there are other exciting events happening that relate directly to move-ins. Most of you attended our construction and move-in update on April 10. During this meeting, you all received word that you would have the opportunity to attend celebratory preview walks of your units. These preview walks will begin on May 19 and run through September, depending on your building and floor. Be on the lookout for upcoming mailed and emailed invitations. We cannot wait for you to see how much progress our construction team has made on each of your individual homes. To view March’s construction update, please read our Construction Update blog.

Many of you inquired about operations during the construction update meeting. This has inspired us to host an operations-focused event on June 12. Attend to hear about day-to-day operations in our community, such as where to find your mail, what kind of dining options will be available, and much more. This will be an exciting event led by our Chief Operating Officer Donna Moore and her Leadership Team. We are all looking forward to hearing from each of these incredible individuals on their vision for your day-to-day life at Peachtree Hills Place.

Speaking of the Leadership Team, we are excited to welcome Amanda Dumich to our family! Amanda brings more than 15 years of food and beverage experience, including time at the beloved restaurant Paul’s, and we could not be more thrilled that she will be working with us to bring you all the best possible dining options. For more information on Amanda, please read our Now Introducing blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are one step closer to move-ins, finalizing our staff and filling up our community. We would like to thank our incredible staff for playing such an integral role in making Peachtree Hills Place a reality, but we would also like to thank you, our Members. You all are making this place what it is to become. Your support and enthusiasm are unmatched, and we cannot wait until move-ins this fall.

As always, feel free to reach out to our staff with any questions as your move-in day grows near.