Peachtree Hills Place Luncheon: Move Incentive Program

On Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting future and prospective members of Peachtree Hills Place at Cherokee Town and Country Club to tell them about our fabulous move-in program. Excited to answer questions about what may be a daunting move process, Selena Bridges, personal move manager for PHP, gave a presentation explaining the benefits members will receive from her undivided attention and support throughout the entire move process.  Guests also had the opportunity to hear from Mr. and Mrs. Peatman, Park Springs members, and Candy McNair, future PHP member, about their recent moves and how they could have benefited from a full service move manager.

From sifting through a lifetime of belongings in each room of your house, to unpacking the last box in your new home at PHP, Selena will be by your side every step of the way to free your move of the stressors that can come with it. Our move-in program includes several steps that will make the move-in process easy and breezy:

  • What is going with you?
    • With the help of professionals, you will begin to sift through decades of belongings and memories deciding what needs to accompany you to your new home.
  • What to do with belongings that are not going with you?
    • With Selena’s help, you will go room by room in your home to determine what can be sold, donated or discarded. Whether its consigning items, auctioning them for charity or donating them to local organizations, we will help you remove and reduce the clutter.
  • Clean out storage areas and go through your living spaces
    • Attics and basements can be the most daunting as they have collected lots over the years. Selena will help you decide what is important and what is not.
  • Measure and Make a Plan
    • Using your PHP floorplan, we’ll make sure all of your favorite pieces of furniture, art and décor will fit properly in your new home at PHP.
  • Move
    • While enjoying your time at your favorite vacation spot, whether that finds you in the Highlands or at Sea Island, Selena will manage your entire move in to PHP. When you return, everything will be unpacked and placed exactly where you want it.