Selena Says: Decluttering the Attic

There is no better time than the month of January to tackle decluttering the attic. So, before it gets too hot in the summer months, don your sweater and hat and get at it. If you’re like most people, the items in your attic get used once a year or maybe not at all. To keep from getting overwhelmed, allow yourself two weeks with an hour or two at a time to get the project done.

Day 1:

Start by assessing the situation. Take pen and paper with you and begin compiling three lists:

  1. Keep
  2. Give Away
  3. Throw Away

Day 2 – 10:

Take your lists and turn them into physical piles. When sorting your items that you’d like to keep, put them into clean, labeled boxes.

Day 11 – 14:

At this point it is time to start donating and throwing away. Load up your car and take your giveaways to your favorite local charity. Place your throwaways in heavy duty trash bags and put them out on trash day. Here are some great resources for both:

  1. Big Shanty Antiques: Ask for Dwayne Bramlett. He’s a great contact for items that have some value!
  2. Just Trash It: Kevin Copeland is a great reliable source who will take your unwanted items to charities and landfills

Fun fact: when you contact these businesses, mention that you’re a Peachtree Hills Place member and you’ll receive a discount!

Once you’re finished discarding your unwanted items, the final step is simple: enjoy the new year feeling refreshed and organized with your newly decluttered attic!