Selena Says…Use your move kit over the holidays!

I am so thankful for you, members of Peachtree Hills Place. Thankful for your kindness, your patience, and I commend you on your foresight and vision for being founding members of something that will be a truly amazing legacy for Atlanta. Where would we be without pilgrims!

Now down to business! Julie Corsini, a new member to our move team, is busy with her initial downsizing appointments. If you haven’t met with her yet, you will. Her plans are to meet with everyone by year end.

I am going to somewhat repeat my message from last November.

While family members are in town, let them start choosing items they would like from the things that are not going to Peachtree Hills Place with you. Play a game of who gets to choose first, this can really be a fun and enjoyable process, very cathartic for you, and a big part of downsizing.

For those that Julie has met with, this is a good time to pull your move kit out. Label items with family stickers and write the names of the recipient on the label.. then go to your family inventory sheet and log who is getting what. Also on the sheet, make note if an item is being picked up, when, or if it needs to be shipped and where. I know the details sound so specific, but trust me, when the time comes to move, you will feel more organized than Martha Stewart!

(If Julie hasn’t met with you yet, keep your own inventory list, transfer and put stickers on items when you receive your move kit.)

I am so thankful to be a part of such an incredible endeavor with Peachtree Hills Place and for the friendships I get the pleasure of making along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving!!