Selena Says Toolshed Clearout

I feel sure you had a feeling where I was going to take you next…drum roll….

The toolshed! Why of course, it’s June. Time to plant, time to mow, time to weed…or not!

Maybe it’s just time to get rid of the shovel, hoe, lawnmower and weed eater!

Peachtree Hills Place has partnered with The Chastain Park Conservancy to help restock their volunteer tool bank.  Donations and volunteers are an integral part of CPC’s mission to restore, enhance and preserve the park. You can contact Ray Monk, the Director of Operations, who will schedule a pick up from your house and give you a donation form for tax purposes. Just make the call and they will take care of the rest!

Doing your part in helping the efforts of CPC will make a great impact on their mission, while also clearing your to-do list and toolshed as you kick off this summer season!

Have a great June and happy downsizing….



Ray Mock

Director of Operations

Chastain Park Conservancy