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Happy Independence Month!

Independence from all that clutter that is… I know quite a number of you are traveling to your second homes this month and next so we are going to have two sessions on second home downsizing. Take a look at your surroundings, do you …

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Selena Says Toolshed Clearout

I feel sure you had a feeling where I was going to take you next…drum roll…. The toolshed! Why of course, it’s June. Time to plant, time to mow, time to weed…or not! Maybe it’s just time to get rid of the shovel, hoe, …

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Selena Says: December Move Tip

Selena Bridges is back again with some more move tips for the month of December! As the year comes to a close, the holidays provide an excellent opportunity to make progress in your downsizing! Over time we accumulate massive amounts of holiday décor. …

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