Terraces Tempo – April 13, 2022

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Terraces Tempo

Tempo Newsletter 2022-04-13

Family Meet & Greet with Music by Debra Peterson

April 15th at 3:30pm in the Bistro
Join us for a family meet and greet with music by harpist Debra Peterson.

Shakespeare in the Afternoon

In recognition of National Shakespeare Day, we will be showing Macbeth in the 2nd floor Community Room at 3:00pm on Monday, April 18th. Please join us.

Tea and Talk

Interested in discussing current events with your neighbors? Meet us in the Bistro, at 11:00am on Wednesday, April 20th for tea and talk.

Coach K Fitness Classes

Plan to join one of our fitness classes in the 2nd floor wellness center and meet Kamilah “Coach K” Williams. Coach K is a dynamic and multi-faceted Health & Wellness Coach and she is here each Monday and Wednesday at 2:00pm to help you love your workout again.

National Jellybean Day

A sealed jar packed with jellybeans will appear in the bistro on Monday. Will have until Friday, April 22nd to take a guess at the number of Jellybeans in the jar. The correct guess will win the prize.

New Member Social with Music by Tom Wolf

April 22nd at 3pm in the Bistro
Join us for the new resident social and sway to the strum of Tom Wolf and his guitar.

Tom’s songbook includes artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison, Elvis, Tom Petty, The Beatles and he even has some Motown sprinkled in. With such a wide variety of styles, Tom is guaranteed to please almost any musical taste.

Lifelong Learning Lecture

Join us in the Bistro for our Lifelong Learning Lecture. Wednesday, April 27th at 11:00am.

Karaoke Thursday

It’s a Karaoke Thursday. Come share your singing talents with us in the Bistro at 1:00pm on Thursday, April 28th.

The Terraces Contact Information

Terraces Contact Information

Need to contact someone at The Terraces? Here is how to reach us:

  • Kameron Bradley (470) 831-4408
  • Dr. Alexandra Evancho (205) 447-6846
  • Dr. Eleni Footman (407) 547-0625
  • Shannon Hennessy (760) 814-0337
  • Brandon O’Ree (678) 619-5600
  • Nadine Pierre Louis (470) 547-0613
  • Gerri Cooper (678) 619-5600
  • Shenna Scott-Heyward (404) 973-4153
  • Brigette Smith (470) 831-4392
  • Tameka Stevenson (678) 619-5600
  • Ebony Washington (678) 619-5600
  • Tonya Fisher (470) 714-0103

Weekly Inspiration

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt