Terraces Tempo – May 25, 2022

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Member Activity - April 27, 2022


June Birthdays

Kathy M. has a Birthday June 9th

Catherine M. has a Birthday June 25th

Jim G. has a Birthday June 29th

Welcome New Members

Sue Baugess

Robert Maddox

Agnes Maddox

National Doughnut Day

Its National Doughnut Day, a day we celebrate the doughnut and honor the Salvation Army Lassies. Join us for a lovely cup of coffee, tea or your drink of choice while enjoying a delicious doughnut or two, Friday, June 3rd in the Bistro on the 1st floor at 2:30PM.

Movie and Popcorn

Movie and Popcorn is a fun way to relax and reminisce. Join us in the 2nd floor Community room June 6th at 2PM for a showing of “The Wizard of Oz”.

Tours with Tula

Wednesday, June 8th in the Bistro on the 1st floor at 11AM. Let’s celebrate World Oceans Day with a tour of the Ocean floor. It will be entertaining and exciting, and the food is good too 😉.

Pet Visit

Come meet Leeza and say hi to Luna. Join us on the Grand Patio for Lemonade with Leeza and Luna! Thursday, June 9th at 2PM. Member’s and all Pets are welcome to join us.

June Activities Mountain House

Cupcake Bake, Monday, May 30th at 2PM in the Mountain House kitchen.

Volleyball, Tuesday, May 31st at 2PM in the Mountain House living room.

Movie in the Garden (Household) living room, Wednesday, June 1st and 8th at 3PM

Walk Around the Fountain, Thursday, June 2nd at 3PM outside of the Terraces.

Trip w/Tula, Monday, June 6th at 4PM we’ll take a virtual trip around Japan in the Mountain House.

Its Table Talk, Monday, June 6th at 3PM in the Mountain House.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Time, Tuesday, June 7th at 3PM in the Mountain House dining room.

Bowling in the Mountain House, Thursday, June 9th at 1PM.

Volleyball, Friday, June 10th at 2PM in the Mountain House living room.

June Activities Club House

Anytime Parlor Games – grab a friend or 3, and enjoy a game of chess, cards, or scrabble Anytime the mood hits you. You can choose a game in the Club House Living Room.

Book Club – let’s meet at 11AM in Club House Living Room on Monday, June 13th and select a book to read and share our thoughts on.

The Terraces Contact Information

Terraces Contact Information

Need to contact someone at The Terraces? Here is how to reach us:

  • Kameron Bradley (470) 831-4408
  • Dr. Alexandra Evancho (205) 447-6846
  • Dr. Eleni Footman (407) 547-0625
  • Shannon Brandon (760) 814-0337
  • Brandon O’Ree (678) 619-5600
  • Nadine Pierre Louis (470) 547-0613
  • Gerri Cooper (678) 619-5600
  • Shenna Scott-Heyward (404) 973-4153
  • Brigette Smith (470) 831-4392
  • Tameka Stevenson (678) 619-5600
  • Ebony Washington (678) 619-5600
  • Tonya Fisher (470) 714-0103

Weekly Inspiration

You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” - C.S. Lewis