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Meet Our Members

Take a moment to hear from a few of our Members who help create the Peachtree Hills Place Community

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Some Member Select Peachtree Hills Place

for the continued proximity to conveniences they’ve experienced in their previous homes and lifestyles.

Marianne Dehann & Sara Thomas

Anne Skae

Tom & Marge Kinser

Barbara Casey

Barbara spent years constructing beautiful works of art; now she’s creating a lifestyle of inspiration.

Andy & Nancy Isakson

“What excites [us] the most about living at Peachtree Hills Place is the sense of community. [We’re] excited about the friendships that are here, the activities and being with a small group of people that are like family.”

Marianne Dehann & Sara Thomas

Marianne Dehann & Sara Thomas

PHP Anne Skae

Anne Skae

Tom and Marge Kinser

Tom & Marge Kinser

Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey

Andy & Nancy Isakson

Karla & Stan Smith

Karla and Stan Smith love knowing that when they head to their North Georgia cabin, their Peachtree Hills Place home will be cared for while they’re away.

Candace McNair
Peachtree Hills Place_Candace McNair

Candace McNair spent 18 years caring for her late husband Louis who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. “I learned a lot and that’s the chief reason I headed to Peachtree Hills Place,” she says.

Nancy Conrad

Nancy spent years helping high schoolers shape their future, now she’s defining her own.

Shirley & Norris Broyles

“We're excited about new friendships, the deluxe fitness center and onsite healthcare. The convenient lock-and-leave lifestyle makes it easy to spend time at the family farm in South Georgia or at our beach house in Hilton Head.”

Anne Skae

“Peachtree Hills Place was an easy choice for me.”

Marianne & Patrick Hickey

“We travel quite a bit, and we liked the idea of knowing everything will be taken care of while we're away.”

Anita & John Strickler

Anita and John Strickler thought about remaining in their Buckhead home. But why risk isolation when they could enjoy a new home and rich lifestyle, while staying connected to the neighborhood they love?

Greg & Amanda Gregory

“Owning a home at Peachtree Hills Place means we have access to onsite healthcare and we enjoy extraordinary amenities, cultural and social opportunities.”

Mary Ann Hite

“I am delighted that my new home has plenty of space for my grand piano and for entertaining family and friends.”

Jane & Larry Hailey

“The location is paramount. Jane loves the residential neighborhood setting. We've both done our homework and know this is where we want to be.”

Cissy Smith

“I can't imagine living anywhere else. Everything I love about Atlanta is right here – my friends and favorite activities. Now with all the benefits of Peachtree Hills Place, I'll live a happy life for many years to come.”