Wine & Wickets at Peachtree Hills Place

If you are looking for something fun to do with your friends and neighbors that includes lively competition, conversation, and a glass (or two) of Chardonnay, you should join us for Wine & Wickets. Peachtree Hills Place Members are invited to join us for this event each week. Let us tell you a little bit about it!

What is Wine & Wickets?

Wine & Wickets is a social croquet-based event made for Members to enjoy wine, conversation, and friendly croquet play. It is a judgment-free zone for all levels of players. Everyone is welcome — no matter the skill level!

How does this event work?

As Members arrive, colored dots are given out by the “Sheriffs.” Sheriffs are two Members who volunteer to be in charge and lead the event with handing out dots, timing the games and ringing the bell. Betty & Charlie Harrison were our Sheriffs this month, and decided to dress for the occasion in Western outfits!

The first 16 people get blue dots. They are then asked to form a group with 4 Members who have blue dots. This allows 4 games to go on at one time. Once, the blue dots run out, we move onto the next color (green for example) and hand out 16 green stickers until those runout, and so on and so forth with the rest of the color dots (red and yellow). Once everyone has received a colored dot, Members can get back in line for another dot (whatever color we are currently on) to play again. The color order isn’t important — what’s important is forming the perfect team!

Games are set for 20 minutes in order to allow everyone a chance to play a couple of games with different people. When you aren’t playing, the culinary team is serving snacks and of course, wine.

Sounds like fun! When can I attend?

This event is every Tuesday from 4pm-6pm in the courtyard. Our first ever Wine & Wickets event was Tuesday, May 18th. Over 40 Members attended and had a blast.

We can’t wait to see you at Wine & Wickets! Dress up in your best croquet-whites and join us every week for fun, community and refreshments.