The USCA Supports all Levels of Croquet with a Focus on Having Fun!

During a recent visit to Peachtree Hills Place, President and proud USCA member
Damon Bidencope shared more about the United States Croquet Association and the benefits of membership. From novices to seasoned strikers alike, this club offers something for every croquet enthusiast. To learn more about the USCA and how to join, read Damon’s excerpt below. The Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Club is a proud member of the United States Croquet Association.


Formed in 1977, the UNITED STATES CROQUET ASSOCIATION (USCA) has pioneered the growth of the sport in America. It is a membership organization, with nearly 300 clubs and 3,000 members, and is the official National Governing Body for the sport. The USCA was a founding member of the World Croquet Federation.


USCA’s mission is to promote the development, enjoyment, and awareness of Croquet in America, and to provide resources and governance for the sport at all levels.
An elected board of Officers and Directors is representative of the six regions. The USCA stages National Championships in American 6 Wicket Croquet, Golf Croquet, Association Croquet, and 9 Wicket Croquet (the four main versions of the game) and sanctions hundreds of tournaments (local, regional, national and international) each year. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, funds received are used in programs across the US to further the mission of the association.

The USCA provides handicapping, ranking services, instruction, and referee certifications. Through its many volunteer committees, it provides assistance, guidance, and resources for all facets of the sport (equipment, lawns court construction guidance, rules, coaching, competition). In addition to managing all forms of the sport in the US, the USCA establishes the official rules for two of the four most popular forms of the sport (American 9-Wicket “backyard croquet” and American Six Wicket Croquet). It also collaborates with other national governing bodies on changes and updates to Golf Croquet and Association Croquet rules.

Key Elements

USCA is focused on five key elements to promote and develop croquet:

  • Foster relationships by building community
  • Support participation and continuity through organizational excellence
  • Commit to growth through diversity and inclusion
  • Develop and enjoy the sport through education
  • Promote croquet as a lifelong activity and healthy lifestyle.

The USCA is essential in connecting players and interested clubs across the US into a nationwide croquet community.

As the national association for croquet with a broad-reaching and diverse network of players of all ages, the USCA invites you to join our croquet community. We grow
participation in the sport and can enrich your croquet experience in clubs and your backyard.

The USCA supports all levels of the sport, competitive, recreational and social, with a focus on having fun. Join us!

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