Punching Parkinson’s Boxing Class as Featured on Fox5 Good Day Atlanta

boxing-based fitness program

On Tuesday, May 9th Peachtree Hills Place will be offering free boxing classes and information sessions in partnership with the American Parkinson Disease Association for those with Parkinson’s Disease. The classes, which are offered twice weekly, are designed to help those with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement challenges, including Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD), Parkinsonism, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), to reduce disease progression and improve strength and balance. FOX5’s Good Day Atlanta reporter Paul Milliken came to Peachtree Hills Place to get a boxing lesson and learn the benefits of punching Parkinson’s Disease.

Peachtree Hills Places’ boxing classes for Parkinson’s patients, are offered partnership with the Center for Movement Challenges. Cognitive function and neuroplasticity are targeted through the memorization of punch sequences combined with dual-tasking mental exercises that increase cognitive complexity.

Dr. Joash Lazarus, the Peachtree Hills Place onsite neurologist shared that boxing addresses more than 20 different areas affected by Parkinson’s, including agility, coordination, mental focus and mental health, with measurable improvements in gait, balance and quality of life as boxing is empowering and helps relieve depression.

Peachtree Hills Place Member Janet Burrell shared that no one who knew her previously would believe she is a boxer. She began the boxing program in January after seeing fellow Peachtree Hills Place Member Corinna Wilson boxing and is already seeing changes both physically and in her confidence. Noting instructors offer “just the right combination of push and praise.”

“You will work, but it is so fun,” continued Burrell. “Everybody encourages everybody else … that’s how we roll.”

Peachtree Hills Place will host an open event on Tuesday, May 9 at 2 p.m. called Punching Parkinson’s with the American Parkinson Disease Association. The event will include a free boxing class and information sessions, and will be held at The Terraces at Peachtree Hills Place at 229 Peachtree Hills Avenue Northeast. RSVP to Agnes Pagan-Hosley or Tonya Fisher at 678-619-5600 or via email at apagan@peachtreehillsplace.com.

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