The Croquet Lawns at Peachtree Hills Place

Here at Peachtree Hills Place, we will stop at nothing to ensure the quality of our community — including homes, facilities and amenities. That includes our croquet lawns! In order for you to enjoy these beautiful lawns, they will have to be meticulously well-maintained, monitored and cared for. Thankfully, we have just the man for the job!

Enter John Smith III, our Landscaper. John was born and raised in midtown Manhattan. At age 19, John joined the Michael Bloomberg MillionTreesNYC Initiative — an initiative designed to help plant and maintain one million trees in the five boroughs of New York City over the course of the next decade. This helped to spark John’s love for the environment and caring for it accordingly. Because of this, John went back to school to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from ITT Tech in Albany, New York. This allowed him to gain valuable experience in his field — experience that will serve him well at Peachtree Hills Place!

John’s experience includes helping design high-end gardens for clients such as Bloomberg L.P., Goldman Sachs, Deloitte Consulting, Disney, Keith Richards, Kelly Rippa, Trump Plaza, Doug Levine, Mikhail Prokhorov and more. He also worked for the NYC Department of Environmental Protection spearheading the implementation of bioswales (or rain gardens) around the city before moving to Atlanta in October.

Needless to say, John is the best man to take care of our croquet lawns. We sat down and discussed with him what the goals are for the lawns, and how he plans to care for them once they are completed.

The croquet courts will be sodded with a perennial warm-season grass, known as bermudagrass. Sod was selected as the most efficient means of laying grass, as Members will not have to wait for the grass to germinate — especially in the winter when it is more difficult for grass to germinate in general. Thankfully, bermudagrass has great tolerance for heat, drought, salt and continuous wear! Perfect for Peachtree Hills Place. It is also the most widely used turfgrass for Zone C, the warm and humid zone where Atlanta is located.

Once the lawns have been sodded, they will slowly root into the ground over the winter. This will hopefully ensure that our Members will be able to hit the ground running in the spring once the soil temperatures increase. The lawns will then be ready to be fertilized with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. John is meeting with Peachtree Hills Place’s lawn care company to ensure that these processes run smoothly, pH levels are normal, and that lawn maintenance will occur accordingly.

We are just one step closer to experiencing croquet at Peachtree Hills Place, and we could not be more thrilled. Thank you, John, for ensuring that our lawns will be beautiful, functional and ready for Member enjoyment! See you all on the courts.