All You Need to Know About Golf Croquet

Pegs, mallets, and wickets—oh my! Part of the fun is the variety of ways you can play croquet. From the backyard to association rules, there are countless ways to play, all with different tactics, rules, and regulations. 

More than likely, if you’re a croquet player, you have played golf croquet. By far, this is the most popular variant of croquet. 90-95% of the games are golf croquet, according to Peachtree Hills Place Member Bill Bugg. This is because the game is fairly easy to learn and play.

“Golf croquet is most commonly played at the entry level. The basics are easy to learn and everyone gets a shot,” says Peachtree Hills Place Member Dick Boger.

So, if you’re a beginner, what do you need to know about golf croquet before taking on the courts at Peachtree Hills Place? First and foremost, golf croquet consists of two primary elements: social and competition. Golf croquet in nature is more social than other variants of gameplay. This is the case because of the way the game is played. Each player gets a turn to hit the ball, and most games only last one day, which is not necessarily the case for other forms of croquet, which can take place over the course of two days with multiple matches per day. Additionally, most gameplay consists of doubles.

While golf croquet can be played socially, there are still many competitive aspects of the game, starting with how it begins. Each player is given a ball with a different color (blue, red, black, and yellow). If you are playing doubles, one team will have the blue and black balls and the other will have red and yellow. The color order is determined by the peg in the center. Gameplay commences with a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss takes the blue and black balls.

With the first pendulum swing, the game has begun. According to Mr. Boger, there are two ways to swing—short and long. When swinging, you do not vary the force that you hit the ball. Rather, you simply alter the swing to match the distance you would like the ball to go. Each player takes turns hitting their respective ball through the wickets strategically placed around the court. The winner is the first individual or team to pass through seven wickets. 

We believe that beginners and experts alike will love playing golf croquet at Peachtree Hills Place. It will serve as the perfect opportunity to get to know neighbors and learn a new skill (or perfect an old one). We are looking forward to seeing you amongst the wickets with mallets in hand!