An Introduction to Croquet

Croquet is a game that evokes fond nostalgia. It takes us all back to our youth, running around the backyard with wickets and mallets in hand. It is a sport that evokes fond nostalgia. For this reason and more, we are thrilled to be hosting two full regulation-sized croquet courts at Peachtree Hills Place.

The sport began in England and Ireland in the early 1800s. While it remained popular within the upper classes, its’ popularity began to spread over time. The various types of croquet are now played by men and women of all ages.

Croquet is played on a 35-x-28 yard lawn or court. Almost all croquet is played on flat, finely-mowed grass. Six cast-iron hoops are set into the ground, and a peg is strategically set out across the court. Each ball and mallet is assigned a color, and the players of the game take turns playing according to the color sequence laid out on the peg, beginning with blue. Despite variants in the way the game is played, the overall goal of croquet is to get your colored ball through each of the wickets and to touch the peg located behind the final wicket.

Because there are so many different ways to play croquet, the general game rules are difficult to pin down. From the popular golf croquet to the traditional 6-to-9 wickets, this game can be whatever you make it. However, there are some rules that all people are expected to follow in terms of etiquette. For example, all players should be wearing white from head to toe.

Don’t let the rules and regulations scare you away from croquet! The game can be incredibly competitive, but it is also very social. With some instruction and practice, you’ll be an experienced croquet player in no time. This game is designed well for beginners, and we are sure your neighbors will love teaching you the ins and outs!

We are excited to see how croquet becomes a part of Peachtree Hills Place. Regardless of how you want to play, we believe this will be an incredible opportunity to make connections with friends and neighbors, refine a skill or develop a new passion. We hope to see you all on the courts this fall!