Atlanta Journal-Constitution Features Peachtree Hills Place

If you ask Baby Boomers what they’re looking for in retirement, a trend is emerging that differentiates them from the previous Great Generation: An overwhelming 90% of Boomers are seeking to boost their cultural experiences by moving to the city.

Atlantans over the age of 60 currently make up 10 percent of the population. By 2030, that number is expected to double, making Atlanta one of the fastest-aging cities in America. With a desire to partake in urban amenities like restaurants, shopping and culture, Peachtree Hills Place provides easy access to all this and more.

Recently, Gracie Staples of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution stopped by Peachtree Hills Place to learn how Isakson Living is ahead of the trends. It all started in 2003, Senator Johnny Isakson, along with his brother Andy, began searching for a retirement home for their parents that combined an elegant, active lifestyle with onsite healthcare. After a tireless search, the Isakson’s were left empty-handed. When their father died, the family took turns caring for their mother who was “aging in place” at home. Seeing the stress this caused their family, and with a career in commercial real estate under their belts, they set out to fill this void in the market and began the journey of opening their first retirement community, Park Springs. With its overwhelming success and realizing the demand for an intown offering, they expanded their vision into the city. And soon Andy will be joining the 88 members who will call Peachtree Hills Place home.

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