Peachtree Hills Place Member Cocktail Party

Last month, members and staff came together for a cocktail party at Cherokee Country Club. The evening served as a thank you to the initial Peachtree Hills Place members who have helped Isakson Living reach and exceed its presale goals. Following these remarks, the members took the stage to return the thanks to the staff for remaining patient and diligent in keeping the dream of Peachtree Hills Place alive, and with the recent groundbreaking, making it a reality.

It was a fantastic evening filled with amazing food and drinks and plenty of laughs. Member, Cissy Smith, gave a presentation that thanked each member of the Isakson Living team and presented them each with a unique and playful gift that fit their roll. The night concluded with the members coming together to present managing partner, Andy Isakson, with a beautiful piece of art to add to his already cherished collection.

As the construction process continues, our members and staff are eagerly watching as their hard work and dedication to Peachtree Hills Place come to fruition. We look forward to the future and to many more cocktail parties!